Remote control


Xcrono is equipped with a Ethernet plug that allows a direct connection with a router/modem.

When Xcrono is linked with the modem/router you can control it from any device which can be connected to internet (PC, smartphone, tablet).

The access to Xcrono is easy and quick and it does not require to install any specific 'App' or 'Plug in'; in fact Xcrono works with the Web Browser used on the devices.

The device interface (PC, smartphone, tablet) replicates the display of the Xcrono, making it extremely easy to use.

By your PC/Tablet/smartphone you can see all the setting and you can also edit them. Still they are protected by a password.

  remoto completo

ico infoIn case there is no access to the internet network at the location Xcrono is installed you can connect a GSM dialer so you can send remote commands to Xcrono to control the plant.


remoto gsm


 Features available

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