Light control


Xcrono can control two indipendent lights.
Lights can be switched on :
  • at scheduled times
  • at darkness (if any light sensor is connected)
  • when any of the above functions is triggered.
Each light has its own device HXSP connected to Xcrono, the device is equipped with a relay for the light control.
The lights can be also connected to an external device, for example an alarm system.

Example of some screens for the lighting control


img home luci


Home page

From the home-page you go to the lighting control section.


img luci z1


Lighting details

In this screenshot is shown in detail the status of the lighting.


img luci prog


Lighting operation mode

Each light can work in Automatic/Manual Mode.


img luci mov bt


Weekly settings schedule

Timer "switch on periods" on a weekly basis.


img luci pro bt


Timer schedule programming

Timer schedule for "monday"
Daily Schedule can be copied and pasted into other days.


 Features available

bt clima a bt inseritori a bt luci a bt irrigazione a bt tende a bt controllo remoto a


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