Irrigation control


Xcrono can control an irrigation system with a maximum of four solenoid zone valves and a water pump.

Every area has its own HXSP device, which is linked to Xcrono. The device is equipped with a relay to manage the zone solenoid valve.
You can also connect a rain sensor to avoid watering in rainy days.

All watering time periods are independent and you can set irrigation cycles in 3 different ways: daily / every two days / in any selected day of the week.

You can also manual the whole irrigation cycles in manual mode or operate irrigation manually just in selected areas.


Example of some screens related to irrigation system



img home irrigazione


Home page

From the homw page you can go to the irrigation section.


img irrigazione z1


Details on irrigation

In this screenshot are displayed the details of the irrigation status.


img irrigazione partenza


Irrigation Start-up

Irrigation up hours.


img irrigazione giorni


Irrigation oppure working days

Slected irrigation working days.


img irrigazione variazione


Time variation

Time variation of irrigation.


 Features available

bt clima a bt inseritori a bt luci a bt irrigazione a bt tende a bt controllo remoto a


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