Climate control


Xcrono can manage the heating and cooling system up to 24 zones. These 24 zones can be splitted in 2 climate groups with separate heating/cooling pumps.

Each zone has its own HXSP peripheral connected to Xcrono.
The HXSP is equipped with a relay for the control of the actuator (i.e. either the head of the floor heating or the contact to convectors or the split of the AC).
Xcrono has also two inputs, one for the SA temperature probe and another to "force" the room temperature, (i.e. for to turn the heating off when the room is empty (see Xcrono Lab for details).

The programmable temperature levels in each area are two: 'Economy temperature' and 'Comfort temperature', while the third one 'No Freeze temperature' is common to all zones.

To make easier the configuration, you only have to set the 'Comfort temperature' periods; outside of this range the 'Economy temperature' will automatically apply.

The setting is independent for each day of the week and you can synchronize more zones.
i.e in a house you can have only 2 time settings: one which control the rooms of the 'day zone' and the other to control the parameters of the 'night zone'. The temperatures of every single zone are obviously independent.

Besides the 'Automatic mode' each zone can be set in 'Automatic mode' / 'Comfort mode' / 'Economy mode' / 'No Freeze mode'. One of this three last modes can be 'forced' locally by using external signal (i.e motion sensor) making the system flexible and extremely customizable (see Xcrono Lab for more details).


Example of some screens related to climatic regulation



img home clima


Home page

From the home-page you go to the climate section.


img home clima


Zones climate overview

In this screenshot 8 zones are displayed. If plant has more then 8 zones the screenshot can be scrolled up/down.


img home clima


Climate of the zone in detail

In this screenshot the selected zone is displayed in detail.


img clima prg comf

  Temperature planning

Comfort Temperature planning of the selected zone.


img clima prg mod

  Zone working mode

Each zone can be programmed to work either in manual or in automatic mode.


img clima mov bt

  Weekly time base

Input hours of the comfort period of the week.


img clima pro bt


Time base programming

Comfort hours programming ref. to "Monday" in the "day department" time base.
Daily Schedule can be copied and pasted into other days.



 Features available

bt clima a bt inseritori a bt luci a bt irrigazione a bt tende a bt controllo remoto a

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