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Xcrono is available in 2 formats:

  • Xcrono (p) Wall mounting version ( to be fixed by plugs)
  • Xcrono (i) Built-in version

For the built in version you need a Gewiss box GW48005 type.

Warning: To get an optimal display view, install Xcrono at about cm 140 high from floor.

Xcrono system is made by

  • the central unit
  • the HXSP peripherals
  • the SA temperature sensors as optionals
  • HXWM + WX wind sensors

In order to get a list of required items for any project please download the free Xcrono Lab configuration software after registering in the download area.

The Xcrono can be fully customized ( i.e. number of the room , room name etc. ) using the Xcrono Lab software. This software allows the unit to be configured according to the system requirements.

All the programmed inputs are recorded by PC and transferred by USB Port to the Xcrono. Once created a "project" using Xcrono Lab and after uploading it on board of Xcrono, the whole system specifications will be displayed on the monitor.

Xcrono temperature reading and setting have 0.1°C accuracy.

In the "climate" section there is a specif display of the following:

  • Graph of last 24 hours recorded temperature
  • Minimum yesterday recorded temperature and the time it was recorded
  • Maximum yesterday recorded temperature and the time it was recorded
  • Yesterday working hours of cooling/heating plant
  • Total plant working time (can be erased)

Xcrono also allows the temperature recording of the first 4 zones for as long as 30 days

  • Minimum recorded temperature and the time it was recorded
  • Maximum recorded temperature and the time it was recorded

The above recordings can be exported in HTML format throu the built in USB plug.

The USB plug is located on the back of the display.

Open the Xcrono box to access to it.

Use only 3-poles cable to connect Xcrono to peripherals.

Use a normal 2 poles cable (0,25mmq min sq.section).

There is no distance limit.

The HXSP module, due to its small size can installed, according to the technical specifications of the Heating/Cooling system of your house:

  • On a DIN track of an electrical system controlbox
  • In the box where the floor heathing heads are located
  • Inside a heat convector
  • Inside a junction box

The SA temperature probe can be easily fitted to any plug of a plate of your plant.

We recommend to install the SA box 140 cm high from the floor.

Xcrono comes with Ethernet port to be connected by a TCP/IP cable to your modem/router.
By registration to our dedicated service you can access directly to your Xcrono simply with web browser, without any dedicated App.

log in

After entering your credentials in the login screen will appear the Xcrono GUI and you can show the screens and change settings.

xcrono remoto ditta


If you can't connect Xcrono to your router by cable you can always use an Ethernet powerline adaptor kit. Power-line networking is based on the concept of no new wires and it uses the electrical wiring in your house to create a network.

For more information you can Google "Ethernet powerline"


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